Our CompanyCore Values


. . . We are committed to the highest quality standards for the products that are enjoyed by our consumers and the service we provide our customers.
. . . We don’t compromise our standards and we don’t take shortcuts.


. . . We will always strive for excellence.
. . . We will always work to exceed expectations.
. . . By any measurement, we intend to be the undisputed leader; second place is unacceptable.


. . . is the foundation of all enduring relationships and every successful business.
. . . We will always do the right thing, even when no one is watching.


We respect and trust our
. . . associates and colleagues, as we work together to reach our full potential and to ensure that each associate has a productive, rewarding and fulfilling career.
. . . consumers, who rely on our quality products.
. . . customers, who rely on our partnership and excellent service.
. . . communities, which we serve with a great sense of civic responsibility and good will.
. . . owners, who have entrusted their capital and resources to our care;